Delivering greater value to the people who matter most to your business 

Whether it is customers, prospects, suppliers, employees, or shareholders or B2B, B2C, non-profit, or government, people’s needs, context, and experience determine how they interact with and value your business. And it matters to your results.

The more you understand the people who matter, the better you can serve them, the more value everyone gets. We partner with our clients to deliver more value to their people and their bottom line.

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  • Strategy Consulting
  • Customer Success
  • Product + Service Innovation
  • Improved Experiences

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  • Needs Research
  • Hard to Understand Topics
  • Hard to Access People
  • Insights for Change

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  • Advising
  • Training
  • Programs

Meet Our Team

Cynthia White

Cynthia White

President, Ceatro Group

Nicole (Smith) Rubin

Nicole (Smith) Rubin

Collaborator, Ceatro Group President, Customer Sense Consulting

Priya Raghunathan

Priya Raghunathan

Management Consultant, Ceatro Group

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