We help our clients solve specific problems or create transformations that get better business results that can only come from understanding and integrating humans better. Typically, we engage with clients when they:

  • Have a problem that needs an immediate diagnosis and solution
  • Want to get ahead of potential problems
  • The business is in need of a big change

Each project we do is designed especially for each client. Please contact us to discuss how we might help you


Strategy Consulting – Creating new strategies or enhancing existing strategies for services, products, new market entry, programs, and experiences; developing corresponding launch, roll out, marketing, management, and measurement plans for internal and external audiences.

Customer Success –Troubleshooting, repairing existing or designing new go-to-market strategies including customer service, loyalty, experiences, and success offerings across channels in B2B, B2C, non-profit, and government.

Product + Service Innovation – Defining service and product strategies, designing and conducting innovation research, and designing new products, services, or features. We work with teams to define customer requirements and plan the product development roadmap.

Improved Experiences – Ensuring that customers, employees, supply chain partners, and other critical stakeholders have an optimized experience across all products, services, digital, operations, and processes; including mapping, research, design, management, discipline building, troubleshooting, and repair.

Recent Engagements:

  • Partner Program Design: Designed an improved partner and reseller program for a large B2B software company to ensure partner loyalty, drive revenue, and improve partner and end customer satisfaction
  • Customer Success Strategy: Designed, planned, and launched marketing, training, and support processes for a new consumer healthcare device for kids and their parents to ensure sales, adoption, use, and positive health outcomes
  • Implementation Improvement: Transformed a large software vendor’s SaaS implementation process to improve the end customer experience, the employee experience, and shorten time-to-revenue by 4 months
  • Product and Experience Redesign: Diagnosed barriers to customer loyalty, adjusted and redesigned the existing product portfolio, customer experience, and marketing efforts to improve customer retention and revenue growth with a 3 year roadmap
  • Supply Chain Partner Experience Improvement: Optimized the human experience for suppliers in a critical supply chain in order to ensure supplier satisfaction, loyalty, and supply chain continuity
  • Internal Enterprise Roll Out Planning: Analyzed employee needs and adoption styles and designed a successful strategy and 6 month roadmap  to roll out of an essential global HR application across an enterprise with multiple employee segments with varied technology skill sets and work environments
  • Patient Experience Design for Drug Launch: Researched, designed, and planned for the US launch of new biologic injectable for an entrenched and resistant patient base