Advising, Training, Programs

Advising: When organizations demonstrate a greater need for executive advising and coaching across multiple levels in their organizations, we establish a formal advising relationship. From structured and confidential monthly coaching for middle management to weekly executive advising sessions, each relationship is unique and designed to meet the needs of the specific organization.


Training: We believe that the more people that can understand humans, think about context, and improve experiences, the better we will all be. So, we train people to do what we do. We provide 3 categories of trainings – training during projects, custom training for clients, and virtual training for individuals.


Programs: Ongoing research offers an organization the most insights, the best chance to explore all needed issues and topics, and is often the more cost effective. We work with clients to design and execute ongoing research programs to deliver insights from any important group of people on any important topic, over time. This research may be just for one organization or shared across multiple organizations to leverage investment and scale.