Priya Raghunathan, Management Consultant

Priya joined Ceatro in 2021 as a management consultant, ultimately bringing the team back together again, having worked with Cynthia a decade earlier at PRTM (acquired by PwC Advisory). 

 Priya applies her broader research expertise in supporting clients through their entire project cycle – from analysis and strategy work to ideation, implementation, measurement, and results.

She brings strong analytical and quantitative experience and enjoys bringing data to life to tell compelling stories that drive business strategies. Her skillsets include market and advertising research, customer insights, and digital media strategy and measurement across multiple industries.

 Pre-Ceatro: Parenting, Twitter, Avon Products, PRTM & others.

Before Ceatro, Priya was a research manager in the Marketing Insights and Analytics group @ Twitter in New York City, where she worked with senior management at Twitter’s clients to support their GTM strategy with relevant market and advertising research.  

At Avon, she worked as a senior researcher in media effectiveness, product marketing, and customer research. This role built on her prior experience as a management consultant at PRTM, where she worked across several verticals in sectors such as education, finance, and software. 

Right before joining us, Priya spent 5 years raising a young daughter while resettling her family in Pondicherry, India after more than 15 years in the US.  

Education: MS, University of Virginia

Priya completed her bachelor’s in engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University in India and followed with a master’s in biomedical engineering at the University of Virginia. 

Outside of work:

Priya is deeply interested in the subject of education and traditional systems of holistic health. She is a student of Kathak, an Indian classical dance form, and performs at community events.

She is known to look wistfully at her old hard drive reminiscing the millions of unshared pictures she took during her several months touring Europe.