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Away From Chipotle I Get Burrito Ordering Anxiety

I've started to frequent Chipotle, the American burrito chain, a lot recently and it's ease of ordering has forever altered me for other burrito ordering. We've written before about how your customer's experiences and expectations are set by other industries and so...

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What’s One More Survey Going to Hurt?

"Ouch!"  That was the sound of the pain you just inflicted on your customer by sending them this latest invitation for a survey from your company.That's the 7th survey this year (and 2 reminders for each survey) and it is only September.  There was the annual customer...

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Better First Impressions = Less Anger Later

"You only get one chance to make a first impression" . . .  blah, blah, blah, blah. I promise that is not what this is about today because you know this cliche. You know it's true. I know it's true.Your grandfather told it to you, then your mother, then your teacher,...

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The “New Freckle Announcement” Test

 I have a new freckle. I saw it today. It is on my right wrist.  I have approximately 1000 freckles year-round and another 500 that appear in the summer. I wear a lot of sunscreen but, alas, I freckle. There are so many that it seems I shouldn't be able to notice new...

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