Simplify Your Customer Experience

by | Apr 25, 2017

Do your customers love what you sell but don’t love doing business with you? Are you losing customers even though product satisfaction is high?

You aren’t alone. Many organizations focus their design, development, and management efforts on what they consider “the offering” (the thing they sell) and consciously, or unconsciously, assume the rest of the experience is either not as essential or will come together easily. Focusing resources on the core offering makes sense internally but it causes discord and dissatisfaction externally where your customers don’t see it the way you do. Customers only buy one thing from you: the whole experience.

Unfortunately, when the whole experience isn’t intentionally designed, developed, and managed the noise that is created by the bad parts eventually chips away at customers’ loyalty and their love for the good parts. (This happens even more quickly when you have competition and your customers have choices.)

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